First Light Pavilion Visitor’s Centre

Jodrell Bank in the north of England has over 50 years of intergalactic stories to reveal. 

As the world’s oldest existing radio astronomy observatory and site of some of the most ground breaking intergalactic discoveries since the dawn of the Space Age, the new First Light Pavilion cultural centre at Jodrell Bank will bring these stories to life for everyone from the most dedicated intergalactic enthusiasts to the more casual stargazers. 

We have designed the pavilion as a grassy mound rising from the landscape – an engineering feat in its own right and a perfect platform for the amateur astronomer. 

Inside the hill, visitors can immerse themselves in Jodrell Bank’s past discoveries and learn more about the Lovell Telescope, one of the world’s largest and most powerful telescopes. We worked closely with exhibition designers Casson Mann on the circular exhibition space and auditorium to celebrate the feats of the amazing scientists and engineers who have changed how we see the universe.


University of Manchester


Macclesfield, UK


In progress




Casson Mann

Design team

Julian Gitsham, Gary Collins, Adam Atraktzi


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In July 2019 the Observatory was formally recognised by UNESCO’s international community as a site of Outstanding Universal Value.

Currently under construction

- 2021 North West Regional Construction Awards (Innovation Award)

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