WA Museum Boola Bardip

With its mix of heritage and contemporary architecture and vibrant communal spaces, the WA Museum Boola Bardip celebrates the unique culture, history and landscape of Western Australia and contributes to revitalising the creative heart of its capital, Perth.

The new museum is designed as a series of virtual stories’ that guide visitors through the major galleries to experience more of the state’s collections. Two intersecting loops mean visitors can explore the museum through vertical and horizontal pathways.

Wandering between the restored heritage-listed buildings and the new contemporary development will feel seamless for visitors. The old and new come together at the centre of the museum to frame a spectacular outdoor City Room’ – a public meeting place, event space and program area for the whole community.

A 1,000 sqm special exhibition gallery will feature major exhibitions from around Australia and the world. Retail spaces and places to eat and drink are designed to encourage visitors to flow through the museum – especially after hours – contributing to the precinct’s livelihood and growth.

Hassell + OMA brought together designers from around the globe in one unified Perth team to create a place that reflects the distinct Western Australian landscape.


Multiplex / State Government of Western Australia


Whadjuk Country
Perth, Australia









Design team

Mark Loughnan, Peter Dean, Brenden Kelly, Anthony Brookfield, David Gulland, Belinda Gilby, Benjamin Rees, Reuben Bourke, Hannah Galloway, David Hunt, Katherine Arrigan, Callum Chute, Philip Davies, Ricky Frazer, Sarah Gaikhorst, Wayne Greensill, Aysen Jenkins, Kaine Jenkins, Mark McKenna, Patrick O’Neil, Irene Payne, April Pine, Douglas William Pott, Thomas Proctor, Simon Rich, Michael Ruehr, Patrick Sims, Samuel Travers, Jill Turpin, Annika White, Lucy Elizabeth Wilson


Peter Bennetts


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I think this is one of the great cultural developments that we will see in this nation for many years, and a great opportunity for Perth.”

Mathew Trinca Director, National Museum of Australia

This is a bold and dynamic architectural statement that will draw locals and visitors to the cultural heart of Western Australia.”

Hon David Templeman MLA WA Minister for Local Government; Heritage; Culture and the Arts
  • Adaptive reuse principles applied across the mix of heritage and contemporary buildings 
  • More than 40% reduction in C02 emissions for the cultural precinct due to a precinct-wide central energy plant
  • A high-performance building envelope, with daylight flooding public circulation areas and shaded, external verandas maximising natural ventilation (within the constraints of exhibition design)
  • A focus on public transport and walking/​cycling (supported via end-of-trip facilities) over car use, with no parking provided on site
  • A public realm that reflects the significant contributions of Whadjuk Elders collaborating with Hassell + OMA, emphasising their deep connection with the land and focus on harmony in nature
  • Water-wise, local native planting around the site and more than 70% local materials used on the project


New Museum for Western Australia / Hassell + OMA https://t.co/B6mTSyW5LX https://t.co/qLfHnlLIj9

New Museum for Western Australia / Hassell + OMA https://t.co/B6mTSyW5LX https://t.co/qLfHnlLIj9


Happy Friday - the New Museum of WA looking good in the afternoon sun. @HASSELL_Studio #oma @wamuseum @WestAustralia @TourismAus https://t.co/qJ7L6yQasc

Happy Friday - the New Museum of WA looking good in the afternoon sun. @HASSELL_Studio #oma @wamuseum @WestAustralia @TourismAus https://t.co/qJ7L6yQ…


The New Museum by Hassell + OMA offers a multi-dimensional framework which interacts with Western Australia’s culture, nature and history combining h…

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