Students want a great experience

Universities need students.

How do students choose a university? Increased choice, online education, and multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns are combining to make the market more competitive than ever.

Competition for students has seen the average satisfaction with teaching in Australian Universities go from 37% in 1995 to 62% in 2017

Source: Grattan Institute


Increasingly, universities are turning to the student experience – moving beyond academic reputation alone – to influence choice. This is changing how they plan and re-build.

The student population has doubled at Australian universities in the last 20 years, going from 0.8 million to 1.48 million

Source: Grattan Institute


Our international research project discovered that campus buildings and spaces have a significant influence on where students choose to study. Great spaces also influence how students rate their university experience during and after their degree. But student experience is about more than space – it’s also about services that improve choice and support for students.

A few years ago Earth and Environment got a new building and applications went through the roof. Facilities obviously plays a big part in attracting students.”

Michele Troughton, Head of Estate Planning


Michaela Sheahan


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